These products are currently available for consumers in the United States and Canada. Please note that all notification services are included free of charge* through the end of 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024. This includes Text Messaging and Email. We will evaluate usage and our costs of providing these services and make everything possible to keep all services free in the future as well. Our Central Monitoring Service is also provided free for all plug-in MySpool products. This service sends email notifications when a device fails to check in daily.

We are serious about security: MySpool devices communicate with our cloud servers over secure 256-bit encrypted communications channels.


CALLME Button or Alert Button Push a button and send an email or text message.

MAILBOX Alert, External mount  -  Placed outside your mailbox, the sensors with wires are inside. Get a text message and an email when US Mail is delivered.

WATER Alert  -  WATER LEVEL Alert -  Get a text message and an email if water is detected

Temperature Alert  including Temperature with Waterproof sensor and Temperature and Humidity -  Get a text message and an email if temperature values are out of range

POWER Failure Alert  including Power and Power Multi-sensor -  Get a text message and an email if power outage is detected

Long Range devices including Mail, Water Level, Sensor -  These devices work well beyond WiFi range at up to 1600 feet. They are more tolerant of electrical and physical interference and can send signals through walls and other obstacles. They are based on LoRa (Long Range) technology with a proprietary encryption added for extra security

Replacement Sensors  -  Add or replace sensors.

DIY Boards  -  Add Smart Notifications to your projects.



*Note: We are charged for sending every text message. Each MySpool® device can receive up to 150 text messages per month for free. Contact us if you need to increase that number.