Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alert




We took an advanced Gas+CO Detector and added our secret sauce: we made it into a Smart Gas and CO Alert. MySpool Gas and CO Alert gives you all the functionality of a first rate Gas Detector: it detects explosive gases such as natural gas (methane) and LPG (propane). It sounds a loud alarm, has a display that shows detected gas concentration, and has been extensively tested. It has dual sensors, the second one being a Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor. And it will sound an alarm if CO is detected.

An alarm will sound when Gas level exceeds 3000 PPM or 3% LEL (lower explosive limit). It will also sound when CO level exceeds 100 PPM

Like all MySpool devices, Gas and CO Alert is also a smart device that sends out an alert when Gas or CO is detected by its sensors. That alert is a message, either via email or text, or both. Optionally, this device can also send you pushbullet notifications. Gas Alert is configured to use your WiFi. The setup takes a few minutes with a smart phone or a laptop. 

Gas Alerts purchased on come with support for 2 telephone numbers and up to 5 email addresses for alert notifications.

There are no fees for using Myspool Gas Alert for any kind of alert notifications. One requirement for the Gas Alert location is that a WiFi network is available to access Myspool cloud servers.