Internet Outage Detector



Get alerted when your WiFi failures occur. This device will send you a text message when an Internet outage happens as well as when it comes back online.

Internet detection service sends multiple status updates to MySpool cloud service per minute. If two or more are missed, the service sends Internet OFF alert. It usually takes 1-3 minutes for this alert to be generated and delivered. Once internet connectivity is restored, an Internet ON alert is sent.

Both Internet ON and Internet OFF notifications are configured independently; both can be disabled if desired. All MySpool notification and monitoring services are free.

View device status and recent activity on a dedicated secure web page. Temperature high and low alerts and Internet ON and OFF alerts as well as the temperature chart are displayed.

Multiple (up to 5) email addresses can be added to receive alerts. All or some of them can be used to receive text notifications. See General FAQ  for details.

Email messages are limited to one per minute per sensor.


Whether you are running a coffee shop with free wifi or have gadgets that rely on wifi at home, it helps to know when your internet service becomes unavailable. This device will do that for you.

All MySpool services are free.