New device has been released: Power Failure Alert is here!

Be alerted when power goes out: Power Failure Alert uses Wi-Fi to send text messages and emails when power goes off or comes back on. As long as there is a WiFi network available when A/C power outlet being monitored loses power, a notification is sent.  This device is available in limited quantities here.     UPDATE:   Sold out, expecting more July 7, 2020.

Another free service enhancement from MySpool has been released. Send text messages to more than one telephone for free.

We are pleased to announce that the feature you often asked for is here: our customers can now send text messages to more than one telephone for free. You can add email addresses in the form number@provider in addition to your email addresses. For details on how to do this for your mobile carrier see these instructions.  This is another service that we are happy to provide to our customers free of charge.

Central Monitoring Service saves a day!

All plug-in MySpool devices come with a free Central Monitoring Service. This service sends email notifications when a device fails to check in daily. Read a story shared with us about how this service helped one of our customers and put a smile on our engineers' faces.

Multi-sensor board is now available

In addition to making great products for consumers, we work with commercial customers to provide custom solutions for their notification requirements.  This led to the creation of DIY boards and reference designs. If you would like to see how our alerting infrastructure can be used in your project, we made a multi-sensor board available that can help you add smart notifications to your project. This board has many sensor connectors to choose from including temperature, water, continuity and voltage.

Battery Powered Float Switch Edition is here!

We are happy to announce the availability of our latest addition to the Water Alert family: the Battery Powered Float Switch Edition. This device comes with a rugged enclosure, operates on batteries and is mated to a float switch. When the float rises, an alert is sent to our cloud servers. The device then shuts down and will send the next alert only when the level drops and then rises again. This allows it to function for vey long periods on the same set of 3 AAA batteries. And as is true for all MySpool devices, you can specify the message that it sends, email addresses, and telephone number for text messages. Get one today!


MailboxMAILBOX Alert is a smart device inside your mailbox that sends out an alert when your mailbox is opened. That alert is a one time message, either via email or text, or both. Optionally, this device can also send you pushbullet notifications. MAILBOX Alert is configured to use your WiFi. The WiFi setup takes a few minutes with a smart phone or a laptop.

GAS Alert

Gas Alert

Great GAS Sensor + MySpool Smart Alerts

We took an advanced GAS Sensor and added our secret sauce: we made it into a Smart GAS Alert. Myspool GAS Alert gives you all the functionality of a first rate GAS Sensor: it detects explosive gases such as natural gas (methane) and LPG (propane). It sounds a loud alarm, has a display that shows detected gas concentration, and has been extensively tested.



CALLME Button is a smart battery-operated hand-sized push button that can be used to summon help in an emergency. When pressed, a CALLME button will send an email or a text message, or both. CALLME button is configured to use your WiFi. The setup takes a few minutes with a smart phone or a laptop. Once the button has been setup, a few details need to be specified in the Alerts Portal. They include your email address and phone number.