MailboxMAILBOX Alert is a smart device inside your mailbox that sends out an alert when your mailbox is opened. That alert is a one time message, either via email or text, or both. Optionally, this device can also send you pushbullet notifications. MAILBOX Alert is configured to use your WiFi. The WiFi setup takes a few minutes with a smart phone or a laptop. Once your MAILBOX Alert has been setup, your email address and phone number need to be specified on the device configuration page.

That page as well as other user pages displaying device status and recent alerts are in a  secure user area on That area is also used  for configuring settings such text message content and hours of operation. It is accessible to owners of MAILBOX Alert devices.

When setup has been completed, every time your mailbox is opened an email will be sent to you. If configured, you will also get a text message. The MAILBOX Alert has been successfully tested at over 400 feet from WiFi router and through some walls.





The MAILBOX Alert - standard edition - comes in two versions.  One is mounted outiside the mailbox. 



And the other one is placed inside - only if your mailbox is made of plastic



If 400 feet is not enough or if there is interference that prevents your WiFi signal from working reliably at your mailbox,  there is a Mailbox Alert Extended Range Set that works at well over 1200 feet and is more tolerant of EMF and other interferences.  To increase the range well beyond what WiFi is able to provide, more than four times according to our tests, we added another wireless communication network called LoRa to our Mailbox Alert. This enables it to send alerts to a hub that is placed inside your house. That hub uses your home WiFi to forward MySpool alerts to our cloud servers.  The Extended Range Set consists of a Node and a Hub. The Node looks just like the External Mailbox Alert and is mounted the same way. The Hub is placed inside your home, withing 200 feet of your WiFi router, and preferably within line of site of your mailbox.

This is a brand new design which combines two different networking technologies.  If your mailbox is located out of your WiFi range or if your WiFi signal at the mailbox is weak, but your mailbox is still within the line of site of your house, this is the product to buy.

This video gives an overview of the steps required to configure and install Mailbox Alert. It shows a summary of the steps involved and an installation recommendation.