Frequently Asked Questions - DIY

If you need to reset your battery powered Water detector to the factory settings or simply need to re-configure it to use another WiFi router, you need to erase old WiFi information first. How is it done?

  1. Using a phillips screwdriver remove the four screws holding the lid and remove it
  2. Remove one battery, wait 5 sec, and insert battery back into clips
  3. Make sure that there is no blue light on the chip inside
  4. Locate a push button labeled Clear (button 1.) This button needs to be held depressed when device is activated to wipe WiFi configuration
  5. Press the Test (Sensor on older devices) button (button 2) for 2 sec to activate your device
  6. Release the Clear button when you see a steady blue light

You device has been cleared and can now be connected to a new WiFi network.