Water Products

  • Be Alerted of Leaks while away from home or business: MySpool Water Detector uses Wi-Fi to send text messages, email or push alerts when water is detected
  • Name each Water Detector during set up and send notifications to identify the source of the leak
  • Each MySpool Water Detector is independent; no hub is required
  • WiFi access at the Water Detector location is required, please check before ordering


Be Alerted of Leaks While away from Home or Business 
MySpool Water Detector is a smart water sensor that sends email, text, and smartphone alerts to homeowners, renters, business owners, and property managers as soon as a water leak is detected. Avoid costly repairs by keeping the Water Detector anywhere that has the potential for flooding or developing a leak.

No Hub Required 
With Myspool Water Detector you avoid the limitations of other hub-based and wired products. Each Water Detector works independently with your Wi-Fi network. The Water Detector can be placed in multiple locations throughout your home or business. Your notifications will include your text for each Water Detector that you specify in the device configuration. Name your location and place it near sinks, refrigerators, washers, sump pumps and in basements.

No Fees 
There are no fees for using MySpool Water Detector for any kind of alert notifications.

Flexible design 
MySpool Water Detector comes with an extra long 6 foot power cord connected to an enclosure with a transmitter. The enclosure can be placed on a shelf, mounted on any smooth surface with included double sided pads, or simply left on the floor. The actual water sensor is nickel plated to resist oxidation. It is connected to the enclosure with a set of wires over 5 feet long. This allows the sensor to be placed in hard to reach places, including a crawl space or a sump pump bucket. The only requirement for the Water Detector location is that a WiFi network is available to access MySpool cloud servers.

A must-have 
For renters, homeowners, property managers, and business owners everywhere, the Water Alert is a must-have device, saving you thousands of dollars in damage and costly repairs. Avoid the hassle and headache and get your Water Alert today.



Battery Powered (BP) Edition:  enjoy all the benefits of a rugged MySpool Water Alert that runs on batteries and uses a float sensor. Dual Use.

3 AAA batteries and smart circuitry inside ensure long-lasting operation: float switch activates the device when it rises up to the black o-ring marker and transmits an alert to our cloud servers. That alert then gets sent as a text message, email, or a push notification - and the device gets turned off. Batteries last for years if there are no alerts, they are limited by their shelf life only since MySpool Water Alert does not require any current in stand-by mode.

Dual use:  
As shipped, BP Water Alert is used to send notifications when water level goes up. Flip the float ring and use it to send notifications when water level goes down. Aquariums, ponds, storage tanks - anywhere you require notifications when water level goes down below desirable level. See this link for details on how to do that.

The enclosure of the BP Water Alert will support 250 lbs. You can step on it in the dark and not worry about destroying it. It has mounting holes for screws so it can be mounted up to 3 feet away from the float switch.  

BP Water Alert comes with a waterproof float sensor with a 3 ft wire.



A/C Powered (Plug in) Edition: continuously monitor water level and send text+email alerts when high or low thresholds are exceeded

Take advantage of available A/C power to receive water level change notifications: float sensor triggers the device when it rises (or falls, depending on your requirements) and transmits an alert to our cloud servers. That alert then gets sent as a text message, email, or a push notification..  

Plugin Water Level Alert comes with a waterproof float sensor with a 5 ft wire and a mounting bracket for easy installation.

  • Email and text message notification when water level change is detected. All services are free.
  • A/C powered wireless water level detector using your WiFi, no app to install and no hub is required. Perfect as a standalone high or low water alarm.
  • Alert is sent if the float rises to signal high water level. Flip the float ring and use this device to detect low water levels in aquariums, ponds, and storage tanks.
  • Each MySpool plugin water level alert is monitored by a free Central Monitoring Service. If a device fails two daily check-ins in a row, an email will be sent urging to investigate power and WiFi availability.



Dual Sensor Water and Temperature (WT) Edition:  enjoy all the benefits of the Rugged MySpool Water Alert with an added Temperature sensor.

The added high-quality temperature sensor can be operated in two modes.  One  mode sends alerts when temperature goes above or below your thresholds. And the second mode allows you to send data to a ThingSpeak channel for display and analysis. See here for directions on how to setup this free data channel.

The enclosure of the Water  and Temperature Alert will support 300 lbs. You can step on it in the dark and not worry about destroying it. It is also more water resistant than a standard Water Alert enclosure. It has mounting holes for screws and a gasket to provide better protection to the smart electronics inside.  

Water and Temperature Alert comes with an extra long 6 ft power cord and two hardened sensors:  a water sensor with a 5 ft wire and a temperature sensor with a 3ft wire. High quality moisture sensor has a nickel plated surface for corrosion resistance. It is designed for multi use: just wipe it dry and use it again. High quality waterproof temperature sensor has a temperature range from -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F), with accuracy of 0.5°C over recommended range of -10°C to +85°C. All readings outside this range are ignored: -30°C to +105°C or -22°F to +221°F

Note: Water alerts can be sent as a text message, email, pushbullet or any combination of the three. Temperature alerts are sent only as email or pushbullet notifications.