About Us

We are a group of enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds. What brought us together was the idea to design a smart alerting and notifications platform from the ground up. As opposed to designing a product and then adding notifications capabilities, we set out to design a platform that could accommodate many independent sensors and multiple notifications mechanisms, all based on an integrated cloud-based solution. We currently have CALLME Button, MAILBOX AlertWATER Alert, Temperature AlertPower Failure Alert  and other products commercially available for consumers. Our technology is used in a number of other products marketed by our partners with OEM arrangements. All of these products take advantage of the flexibility that our platform offers, from Central Monitoring Service to the ability to send email, text and push alerts to multiple users, email addresses, telephone numbers and external services such as ThingSpeak. This is our vision of the Alerts cloud.



Our technology that enables easy wireless communications with our cloud-based services can be applied to many other sensors and applications. We welcome inquiries about opportunities to adapt our technology to new sensors and applications.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer and installer of our devices be sure to read this.