Long Range Water




  • Water Level Alert Nodes require a MySpool Hub  to communicate with cloud services, it does not function in standalone mode. The Hub comes with  Extended Range Mail, or  Water Alert Professional set. It can also be purchased separately.
  • Wireless alert at over 1200 feet, through walls and other objects which interfere with WiFi communications
  • Email and text message notification when water is detected or Temperature exceeds high or low threshold


The Node and the Hub communicate over the air. Only the Hub requires WiFi to send alerts to MySpool cloud servers. This combination greatly increases the range of the standard MySpool Water Detector which uses WiFi and does not require a Hub. Our tests have shown reliable alerts sent at 300 feet by a standard MySpool Detector and at over 1200 feet by Water Level Alert Nodes.  These Nodes can be placed in locations without WiFi access, behind stucco and cinder block walls,  and still reliably communicate with a MySpool Hub as long as they are within 1200 feet of each other. 

Smart Design:  

3 AAA batteries and smart circuitry inside ensure long-lasting operation: float switch activates the device when it rises up to the black o-ring marker and transmits an alert to our cloud servers. That alert then gets sent as a text message, email, or a push notification - and the device gets turned off. Batteries last for years if there are no alerts, they are limited by their shelf life only since MySpool Water Level Alert does not require any current in stand-by mode.

Dual use:  

As shipped, Water Level Alert Node is used to send notifications when water level goes up. Flip the float and use it to send notifications when water level goes down. Aquariums, ponds, storage tanks - anywhere you require notifications when water level goes down below desirable level.

The enclosure of the Water Level Alert Node will support 250 lbs. You can step on it in the dark and not worry about destroying it. It has mounting holes for screws so it can be mounted up to 3 feet away from the float switch.  

Water Level Alert Node comes with a waterproof float sensor with a 3 ft wire.



  • Wireless alert at over 1200 feet; WiFi and A/C required 
  • Works as a gateway for MySpool Nodes:  Mailbox, Water, Water and Temperature, Water Level, DIY Sensor
  • One Hub can support up to 128 nodes, more nodes can be added at any time
  • Use multiple Hubs to create a fault-tolerant configuration; they can be connected to the same or different WiFi networks


MySpool Hub uses LoRa technology to enable communications at over 1200 feet through walls and other obstacles. It should be placed within 200 ft of the WiFi router for optimum performance. Supported Nodes:  Mailbox Alert Node,  Water Alert Node, Water and Temperature Node, Water Level Alert Node, DIY Sensor Node.