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Water Alert Devices

September 29, 2022​
After our AC condensate drain line backed up twice causing carpet damage, I needed a solution. This sensor was easy to setup, and I've tested it a few times already just to make sure it's working properly. It's always provided me alerts, even with the smallest amount of water. It's a huge piece of mind knowing I won't flood my basement again!

June 23, 2022
I had originally purchased one of these to put under my kitchen sink after I had a leak. I was skeptical at first but after setting it up and testing it, it worked great. Now three years later I decided to get one for my HVAC in the attic and decided to test my original under the sink and it still works great even after three years of forgetting it even existed.
Patrick R.

July 16, 2021
After having a basement flood, an expensive cleaning/remodel, and a new ejector pump installed in our basement, we ordered this alert product in case the pump failed. Received this rinky-dink little plug and wire contraption, which looks like not much, and followed the simple instructions to set it up via wifi. The product looked so small and dumb I honestly didn’t expect it to work. Fast forward a few years… I forgot we even owned this alert. Last month though, a small puddle of water formed on the floor by the pump, and GUESS WHAT? This little contraption sent me about 50 alerts on my phone throughout the day (in other words, there was no way to miss seeing an alert). Excellent response, and now I gotta admit I’m a believer in this product! Luckily we were home and fixed the water leak ASAP. But had we been out of town, the alert would have allowed us to contact our neighbors or plumber for help.

March 23, 2021
We installed the MySpool Power Failure alert on our basement sump pump cable after we had it's dedicated circuit breaker trip allowing us to get water in our basement. We already had the MySpool Water Alert fortunately which gave us the alert when the sump overflowed. Adding the Power Alert will let us reset the breaker and avoid the water completely if there is a next time.

February 2, 2021
I have used it for over a year and it has done well. Woke me up at 2am when my sump pump wasn't working. The alert saved me from waking up to a flooded basement.

September 14, 2020
Wanted to thank you for a terrific product. Works well. Last month the sensor kept triggering in the middle of the night. I would inspect the AC unit and find no water.

Fast forward to this past week. Again it's going off like crazy. I wanted to ignore it but did not. I went and looked at unit this time and found a significant pool of water in the catch pan under the AC/Furnace. The condensate line was broken (likely was this way for years) and it finally failed 100% and filled the pan. The alert was persistent or I would have tried to ignore it! Saved me a lot of damage.

I did retest it after it was dried out and adjusted the sensitivity to be slightly less touchy. Seems to be working well again. Thanks for a product that actually does what it says.

Power Failure Detector

April 1, 2023
We were notified of power outage. We called power company (as we are the only house on breaker) and they restored our power. This saved us from our 3rd loss this year from food spoilage! Well worth the purchase!

March 10, 2023
This device has saved my two freezers full of meat and veggies from three power outages already.

February 23, 2023
Within a few days of setting up this device it worked exactly as promised! We have had an ongoing issue with the circuit that our garage freezer is on. Usually we only discover it by accident only after opening thw freezer and finding things partialy thawed. in this instance we were notified immediatly and were able to reset the GFI outlet that was the source of the problem.

December 15, 2022
First actual outage happened a few days ago and bingo, got the text and the email before I even notice we were off grid. My new solar system is setup to supply critical loads and a few lights during utility outage so I wanted an independent notification that utility was down.. Highly recommend.
Richard C.

December 5, 2022
It got a trial this weekend - power went out and I got notification - Generac started and then I got notice power came back on.

July 25, 2022
Got this because GFCI outlet in my garage keeps popping randomly, and I have my chest freezer hooked up to it. Lost full freezer of meat and ice cream because of the outlet.
Got the detector, install was easy, just follow the guide.
The very next day the outlet popped again in the middle of the day. I got a text message at work and asked my neighbor to come by and turn it back on. Well worth the money! Pretty much payed for itself first time it activated!

July 13, 2022
I want you to know that I put my latest power alert on my water well pump. Your little box alerted me to a rapid cycling problem on my pump. (Downhole or submersible pumps are good equipment: run great. Just like any electric motor - starting kills them. Long running times = no problem.)  Your power alert, installed this week, showed me that my pump was stopping and starting about every 1.5 minutes. FOUND THE PROBLEM AND FIXED. You saved me thousands of dollars. Thanks. (PS I’m a PhD Registered Professional Electrical Engineer since 1969)

May 3, 2022
I have two power failure monitors for two freezers. The first one I installed last year saved me hundreds of dollars in spoiled food after a power loss from a severe storm. I was away at the time but got the alert via text. I got home within two hours and was able to hook up the freezer to my generator. Power was out for over 18 hours. Needless to say I got another monitor when I purchased another refrigerator/freezer this month. I highly recommend for monitoring critical equipment like freezers/refrigerators, aquariums, etc.
John L.

March 27, 2022
I had purchased this for a friend who lost power to her freezer and had a rather messy clean up. We installed hers and thought, I should get these for us. I put it off; however, bought one for us after the GFI outlet our main refrigerator is on tripped; however, we were home and saw it. I now have one of these on the main refrigerator and one on the outlet for the basement refrigerator and big freezer. Fast forward, and we were on vacation for over a week. Three days into it I get a text alert and email that the main refrigerator lost power. We called a friend who reset the GFI outlet. Over the course of a week, this happened three times, each time receiving alerts that we lost power and when our friend restored power. Without this device, we would have never known the refrigerator lost power and come home to ruined hard wood floors from melted ice and a major mess in the refrigerator. This device truly saved our bacon and then some.

November 15, 2021
We keep vaccines in our fridge at work and needed a warning incase the power goes out so we can take care of it. We did have a power outage and it worked perfectly. It was easy to set up and I could not be happier. Exactly what I was looking for.
Linda H.

October 19, 2021
Using this for my garage fridge/freezer which every now and then flips the GFCI outlet. In the past, I've lost all my food, but this has saved a lot of good food by notifying me immediately when the electricity goes out.

September 8,, 2021
Already paid for itself.  Great piece of gear to keep you alerted. Never lose a garage fridge of food again!
David B

September 8,, 2021
Worked great and save me hundred of dollars  Set this up in my garage because my fridge out there would occasionally lose power (GFCI circuit) and if I dont catch it then there goes all my food. This was easy to setup and worked like a charm

July 20, 2021
This is a real Food Saver for me! I purchased this a couple weeks ago to monitor my outdoor refrigerator and freezer. The power dropped and I didn't realize it for 2 days and nearly lost 200 lbs of beef.
I searched local retail stores and nobody offered a device like this. Amazon never fails![Ed. note: this should read MySpool never fails!] I found this, ordered it , and it arrived quickly. With a simple setup process I was online within 15 minutes. Two days ago a storm came thru Vegas and tripped my outdoor GFI. We were out to dinner when I received my text notifying me of the outage. Once we got home I reset the GFI and my freezer was still at -11°. It's already paid for itself!
Rick W.

June 7, 2021
Great product. Already saved a freezer full of food.

April 5, 2021
Setup was quick and easy and the unit works as expected. Using it to monitor my freezer in the basement. This circuit tripped once in the past and I was lucky to catch it before the contents thawed out.

January 19, 2021
I purchased this to monitor a GFCI outlet that was outdoors and frequently pops when it gets wet. I needed to know when systems that were connected to it were down, and plugging this into the outlet works exactly as I has hoped. Anytime the GFCI flips off, I get a text on my phone.

July 31, 2020
Thank you for the great device!  I wanted you all to know that just 3 days after the install, I received a text at 5:15 in the morning.  I was heading to my coffee pot at the time.  I have my device in my garage to monitor my GFI on my freezer outlet.  It trips about once a year and I have lost a full freezer of food twice in 15 years.  Well I figured your box was defective and walked out the garage cursing under my breath.  I mean,,, I hadn't had my damned coffee yet!  But low and behold!!!!!!!!!  the GFI tripped!  You saved me a half-full freezer of meat!!!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!  this thing is amazing and I'll be ordering another for my sump pump circuit and any other place I can find a use for one!
A Fan


Central Monitoring Service 

February 25, 2020
First, I think the product is great value for the money.  I actually have a story that you may find useful.  I have two MySpool water detection devices in my basement.  One is located beneath our water heater…which leaked in the past and prompted us to research your product.  The other is adjacent to a water pressure booster pump and whole-house water filter system.  Those would be the to other areas of concern regarding a potential leak.

A few weeks ago, I received a notification email that the device named “Water Filter” had missed its regularly scheduled reporting.  I ignored the notice, but then received another, so I decided to investigate.  The booster pump is plugged into a 120 VAC GFCI power outlet on the wall in my basement.  The sensor is plugged into the same outlet. The pump, it turns out, was leaking substantially from a major gasket.  It ran continuously (which it isn’t intended to do) until it tripped the GFCI.  This, of course, took the sensor off-line.  It had tripped before the sensor was able to become wet, but by losing power and notifying me that it hadn’t “checked in”, I was able to discover the leak, bypass the pump, place absorbent material on the floor, and call a plumber.  No damage was caused thanks to MySpool.

At this point, the sensor has paid for itself in damage that didn’t occur.

Many thanks and my compliments,

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