Latest Updates

We are adding more integrations!  The latest one is with IFTTT.  We have a few examples to help you - please read and use them as guides. As always, we are unable to provide any support regarding third party tools and integrations, these examples and our cloud services are all we are providing.  This example demonstrates a MySpool device that uses IFTTT to send a voice notification with Alexa.  And this one uses IFTTT to turn a smart plug ON and OFF. These actions are in addition to sending our usual alerts and notifications.

Those of you that use our charting devices such as Temperature, Temperature and Humidity, Water and Temperature, P3 Multi-sensor, and Voltage Monitor might be especially interested:  we added pan and zoom capabilities to our charts.  Panning can be done via the mouse or with a finger. Zooming is done via the mouse wheel or via a pinch gesture.


Another update is regarding our Extended Range products - it's been expanded!  If you have an Extended Range Mailbox, you can now add an Extended Range Water Level Alert and an Extended Range DIY Sensor. And if you are interested in a resilient commercial application, our Extended Range Hubs can now be deployed in a fault-tolerant configuration; they can be connected to the same or different WiFi networks to support redundancy and multiple node configurations.