I unsubscribed from my email notifications, how do I subscribe again?


Login to your account at,  click on Configure Device and remove your email address from the first line Email address for notifications.  Scroll down and hit Save.

Then click on Configure Device again and enter your email address again. Click Save.   

Check your email, find one with subject AWS Notification - Subscription Confirmation, open it and click on the Confirm subscription link.

Why is the SAS network no longer visible under WiFi networks?

The SAS network is visible only when your device does not know how to connect to your WiFi.  Once you specify that information, for security reasons the configuration part of your device is no longer displayed. If you want to use a different WiFi network, you will need to clear your device first. See the FAQ section for your device on how to move your device to another location for detailed instructions.

Why am I not receiving email alerts?

We are using Amazon Cloud service to send email notifications.  This service requires that your request to receive such notifications is confirmed.  Look for an email with the subject "AWS Notification - Subscription Confirmation", open it and click on the link provided to confirm your subscription. It is a one-time action that is required for every new email address added.

If you cannot find this email, look in your Spam and Trash folders.   You can always remove and then add an email address, a subscription confirmation request will be sent again.

I expected to get two alerts from two sensors but only received one. Why?

There is a good reason for that. Each device checks sensors in a certain order. Water sensors have the highest priority so they are checked first. In the case of the Dual Water sensor scenario, sensor number one is checked  first. If there is an alert to be sent by that water sensor, it gets sent. Then the throttling kicks in:  every device will send no more than one alert per minute to the cloud.  From there it will be sent on as SMS, email or pushbullet.

Why am I not receiving text messages every 5 minutes?

All MySpool devices are subject to notification throttling.  This is done for two reasons: one is to prevent flooding communications with unnecessary messages. And the second one is to save us some money: we have to pay for every text message!

Each device is allotted a number of text messages per month. In case of repeating alerts within a certain interval, that interval will be increased. When the issue has been resolved, the alert interval will be reset back to the original 5 minutes.

Here are the details on how the text interval is managed: