How to add a telephone number to receive free sms alerts?

To have a text message alert sent to a telephone, use your carrier's Email-to-SMS gateway by adding one or more email addresses to be forwarded as text. For example, add as an email address to receive a text message on a verizon cell phone number 5551234567. For a full list of such gateways please refer to the table below.  And be sure to test your entry before adding it to your device configuration:  send an email to `your phone`@`your gateway` and make sure that you receive it as a text message..

Note: both Amazon and Mobile carriers punish us for sending alerts to invalid addresses.  To avoid that, we will permanently block an email that comes back to us from your carrier as 'blocked'. So please do test your entry as described above!

Do not add '1' before your area code for US and Canadian carriers.

Note that some carriers prioritize these messages lower than standard text messages, so it may take longer for your message to go through. You can add up to 5 email addresses to your MySpool device configuration. To update your device configuration, login to and click on MY DEVICES menu. Then click on Configure Device link for your device.

Cell Carrier Email-to-SMS gateway
Alaska Communications
AT&T Wireless
Bell Mobility
Bell MTS
Bluegrass Cellular
Boost Mobile
Consumer Cellular (AT&T)
Consumer Cellular (T-Mobile)
C Spire
Digicel St. Lucia
Eastlink Canada
Freedom Mobile
FreeUP Mobile
Good2Go Mobile
Google Fi
Google Voice Not an actual carrier
H2O Wireless
IV Cellular (Illinois Valley Cellular)
Koodo Mobile
Metro PCS
Mint Mobile
NET10 Determine NET10's carrier
Page Plus
PC Mobile
Pioneer Cellular
Pure TalkUSA
Republic Wireless
Rogers Wireless
Solo Mobile
Spectrum Mobile
Straight Talk Determine Straight Talk's carrier
STRATA Networks
Telus Mobility
Ting (CDMA devices)
Ting (GSM devices)
Tracfone Determine Tracfone's carrier
Ultra Mobile
Union Wireless
US Cellular
Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile Canada
Xfinity Mobile


If your cell carrier is not listed above, try entering your phone number at


Carrier specific help:   Verizon