I configured my device but it is showing under available networks. Why?

I configured my device by selecting a WiFi network and entering its password but it is still showing under available networks even after 5 minutes. I understand that after having been configured, it should disappear in a few minutes. Why is that happening?

Sometimes the initial handshake between your device and your router is taking longer than expected. This results in devices not saving network name and password. When this happens follow the steps below to connect your device to your WiFi

  1. Write down the name of your network. You will have to enter it manually in Step 5. If you have one network name for both 5 GHz and 2.4GHz bands, write this name down, otherwise write down the network name that corresponds to the 2.4GHz band. Remember that network name is case sensitive so note which letters are in uppercase and which are in lowercase.
  2. Double-check your password. Password is also case sensitive. If it starts with a lowercase letter make sure you enter it correctly as your phone will most likely make the first letter upper case.
  3. Connect your phone/tablet/computer to SASensor-##### network
  4. When you see Alerts WiFi Manager on your screen, click on the "Configure WiFi No Scan" button
  5. Enter your network name from Step 1 into the SSID box and password into the password box. Click the "Save" button
  6. Your device will save your entry, reboot, and try to connect to your router. If the information entered in Step 4 is correct your device will connect to your router within a minute.