Why am I not receiving text messages every 5 minutes?

All MySpool devices are subject to notification throttling.  This is done for two reasons: one is to prevent flooding communications with unnecessary messages. And the second one is to save us some money: we have to pay for every text message!

Each device is allotted 300 text messages per month. In case of repeating alerts within a certain interval, that interval will be increased. When the issue has been resolved, the alert interval will be reset back to the original 5 minutes.

Here are the details on how the text interval is managed:

How do I setup pushbullet notifications?

Pushbullet is a third-party platform. Please be aware that we do not provide support for it.  If you want to setup pushbullet on your laptop, pc, or your phone, we will attempt to forward your event to pushbullet. Having said that, we think it is a great resource for push notifications and we make it available to use alongside email and SMS notifications. It is easy enough to configure and see if you find it useful.

To setup pushbullet notifications: