Battery and DC voltage monitor with alert notifications



Monitor your battery or DC voltage levels. Add smart notifications to send email and SMS alerts when voltage drops below your thresholds.

MySpool voltage monitor is powered by 3 AA batteries which are NOT included. We recommend using standard alkaline 1.5V AA batteries. 

Voltage and battery monitor comes with a 5 ft car cigarette lighter cable. It also comes with a battery clip-on car cigarette lighter adapter.

This device can be used as is with cars that provide continuous power to the cigarette lighter adapter. A battery clip-on car cigarette lighter adapter is included for direct connection to the battery if desired. Up to 3 independent DC voltage sources can be monitored simultaneously. They can use either fork connectors or female 2-pin 0.1" wire connectors, ONE or the OTHER, not both at the same time for the same source,

Monitored voltage range is between 0.5 and 50 VDC. 

Note: only email and pushbullet alert notifications are supported.  SMS notifications can be setup using email-to-SMS gateway, see instructions here.

INCLUDED:  Battery and DC voltage monitor in a rugged enclosure, a car cigarette lighter cable, a battery clip-on car cigarette lighter adapter; support for email and pushbullet notifications. 3 AA batteries are NOT included.

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Battery and DC voltage monitor Setup

Note: This device sends data to the cloud a few times a day. If you need to test your device repeatedly, you can place it in test mode by moving the 2-pin jumper to TEST position indicated by the SOLID WHITE line.  In this mode, when a RESET button is pressed, data is sent to the cloud.  Be sure to move the jumper back when done testing to prolong the lifespan of your internal batteries. Under normal operating conditions 3 AA batteries should last 4-6 months. Your Internal voltage alerts will warn you when they need to be changed. We recommend that they are changed when Internal voltage falls below 3.7 VDC

Open the enclosure and note the + next to battery clips. Insert 3 AA batteries as indicated.  You will see a steady blue light indicating that your device is ready to be programmed with WiFi information.

  • Connect your device to WiFi.  When connected, the LED inside the device will turn OFF. Close the lid and secure it with 4 screws.
  • Create a new account on and click on email link to confirm it or login to your existing account
  • Confirm your email subscription for AWS for this device to receive alert notifications
  • This is the hardest part, the waiting: connect your device to a battery or a DC source using the included adapter and leave it  for a day or so.  After 24 hours, refresh MY DEVICES web page and make sure that you see a chart of V1 and Vinternal.  When you do, you can setup notifications for different voltage levels and add more email addresses. Please remember that updates from may take up to 12 hours to communicate to your device and become effective.

Please note that the MAXIMUM DC voltage that you can safely connect to this device is 50 VDC!   Also, all readings below 0.5 VDC are ignored.

We hope that you find this device useful and share with us how and where you are using it.