Customer Testimonials - General

February 25, 2020
First, I think the product is great value for the money. I actually have a story that you may find useful. I have two MySpool water detection devices in my basement. One is located beneath our water heater…which leaked in the past and prompted us to research your product. The other is adjacent to a water pressure booster pump and whole-house water filter system. Those would be the to other areas of concern regarding a potential leak.
A few weeks ago, I received a notification email that the device named “Water Filter” had missed its regularly scheduled reporting. I ignored the notice, but then received another, so I decided to investigate. The booster pump is plugged into a 120 VAC GFCI power outlet on the wall in my basement. The sensor is plugged into the same outlet. The pump, it turns out, was leaking substantially from a major gasket. It ran continuously (which it isn’t intended to do) until it tripped the GFCI. This, of course, took the sensor off-line. It had tripped before the sensor was able to become wet, but by losing power and notifying me that it hadn’t “checked in”, I was able to discover the leak, bypass the pump, place absorbent material on the floor, and call a plumber. No damage was caused thanks to MySpool.
At this point, the sensor has paid for itself in damage that didn’t occur.

Many thanks and my compliments, XXX