These products are currently available for consumers in the United States. Please note that all notification services are included free of charge* through the end of 2018 2019. This includes Text Messaging and Email. We will evaluate usage and our costs of providing these services and make everything possible to keep the services free in the future as well.


MAILBOX Alert, External mount

MAILBOX Alert, Internal mount


GAS Alert

DIY Sensor


There is an additional service which we are happy to provide to our customers: should you decide to purchase a product on this site, you can send an email to and request that we configure your device with your WiFi network before we ship it. In this case your only remaining configuration task will be limited to registering this device and configuring it on Kindly let us have your order number should you decide to take advantage of this offer.


*Note: We are charged for sending every text message. Each MySpool® device can receive up to 300 text messages per month for free. Contact us if you need to increase that number.