How do I convert my Mailbox Alert to Extended Range?

I have a Mailbox Alert, External mount and I purchased a  Mailbox Alert Conversion to Extended Range Kit. How do I install it?

Take the lid off your Mailbox Alert and disconnect the sensor by pulling out the wires from the white connector. Bring the enclosure inside. Pull out one battery. Note how the blue chip is housed, pull it up and replace it with the replacement chip from the kit. Make sure the antenna is fed outside, it should stick out from the slot in the lid where the sensor wires come in. Put the battery back in.

Note 1:  To send an alert you can separate the sensor parts for 2 seconds OR press and hold the red button marked TEST or SENSOR for 2 seconds.

Note 2.   Since you are performing an upgrade, you already have an account on   When you are directed to create an account, you will need to log off and log back in to  If your device does not show under MY DEVICES,  trigger an alert again, wait for 20 seconds, and refresh your browser.

Now you can configure your MySpool Hub to forward alerts from your Mailbox Alert Node by following these directions.