During setup, why do I get Power ON but not Power OFF alerts?



There can be two reasons why this may be happening: your device's batteries got loose while in transit and need to be re-seated, battery holder clips are loose or your device is malfunctioning.   Unplug your device. Pry open the lid with a flat screwdriver as shown. 


Visually inspect the batteries. If they are jolted while in transit, you may see that only one end is making a good contact. Snap it in place and close the lid if that is the case.


It is also possible that the clips that hold batteries are not making a good connection. To fix that, gently bend battery clips towards each other as shown.


Reinstall all 3 batteries. Plug the device back in and wait for an ON alert. Unplug the device and wait for an OFF alert


Plug your device back in. Wait until you get a Power ON alert and unplug it again. Wait for 1 minute. If you have not received a Power OFF alert, send an email with your phone number and address to support@myspool.com



Please keep in mind these features when testing your device:

  1. We do not record momentary power outages. Power needs to be OFF for 15 seconds or more for the device to notify you
  2. SMS: we send one Power ON and one Power OFF TEXT MESSAGE every 5 min
  3. EMAIL: we send one EMAIL MESSAGE per min
  4. When testing, after you unplug your device, please wait for an OFF alert before you plug your device back in