How to clear WiFi setting on the float sensor device?

Using a phillips screwdriver remove the four screws holding the lid and remove it. Locate a push button labeled Clear (button 1). This button needs to be held depressed when device is activated to wipe WiFi configuration.  You can remove the float sensor from the wihite connector and just use the Sensor button (button 2) to activate your device.  Or make sure  that the float is held vertically in the lowest position and lift it up to activate your device.

How to adjust sensitivity of my WATER Alert?


You can calibrate your WATER Alert to be more or less sensitive, depending on your requirements.  For example, when placed near a sump pump, you may want it to be less sensitive. On the other hand, when placed near a hot water tank or a humidifier, you can increase the sensor sensitivity.

Calibration Steps

  1. Pry open the lid off the black enclosure or unscrew the lid from the rugged enclosure. 

How to move WATER Alert to another location or WiFi network?

If you need to move the Water Alert to another location or simply need to re-configure it to use another WiFi network, you need to delete the information already stored  there. To do that, unplug it from the power outlet. Using a flat screwdriver or a dull knife pry open the device enclosure using a slit through which wires to the sensor are coming from. Press and hold the CLEAR button  while you plug the device back in the power outlet.