Frequently Asked Questions - GAS Alert

You are holding a Myspool Gas Alert in your hands. How do you configure it with your phone number and email and let it know how to access the internet to transmit alerts?

Please CONFIGURE your Gas Alert before you install it. You will need access to internet and your WiFi router's ID and password. Once it has been configured, you can hang it on the wall and plug it in.

How to CONFIGURE Gas Alert

Your new Gas Alert needs to connect to the internet to send its notifications. They will then be forwarded as emails and as text messages to your phone. In order to do that it needs to know which WiFi network to use for communications. Before that, your Gas Alert must be configured with an email and a phone number to send notifications. 

Please note: we recommend that configuration steps are completed in this order. Note also that some pages on this site are only available to registered owners.

1. Create your account. Be aware that your account is not created until you have received an email from us and confirmed it by clicking on the provided link. Do not proceed to the next step until you have received that email and confirmed your account. Your account is usually setup in a few minutes once your Registration Code is validated. The code can be found on the card included in the package. Please contact us if you are unable to locate it.

2. Determine your device ID.  Write it down for use in next step.

3. Register your Gas Alert as your device. Use device ID from step 2. 

4. Configure your Gas Alert to send you notifications via email, text message, or both.

5. Setup your Gas Alert to use your WiFi. This procedure is described here

To test your Gas Alert, press SELF-TEST. When you see 0%LEL on the display, press SELF-TEST again. Remember that you will only get one notification every 5 minutes. So you may have to wait for up to 5 minutes to repeat this test.

You can  change your device settings at any time. When steps 1-5 have been completed, you can install your Gas Alert:


GAS Alert placement

Gas Alert

Gas Alert needs to be plugged in. One requirement for the Gas Alert location is that a WiFi network is available to access Myspool cloud servers.

Natural gas is mostly methane: being lighter than air it rises and accumulates in the ceiling area. So if you have natural gas in your kitchen, place MySpool GAS Alert about a foot below the ceiling and a few feet away from the gas source.

LPG is a mixture of propane and butane. It is heavier than air and tends to go down. So if you have LPG, propane or butane gas source, place MySpool GAS Alert about a foot above ground and a few feet away from the gas source. Please refer to the diagram for installation hints

To test, press the SELF-TEST on the Gas Alert, wait a second, and press it again. You can also use a butane lighter without the flame: hold it under the sensor for a few seconds. Once an Alarm sounds, let it run for a a minute and then press the Test button again to stop it. You should get an email and a text message within a minute.

Please remember that the portal limits the number of Gas alerts to one every 5 minutes. So you may need to wait for 5 minutes to get a second text message. This applies to email and pushbullet notifications as well.


How to delete and change the WiFi of your Gas Alert?

If you need to move the Gas Alert to another location or simply need to re-configure it to use another WiFi network, you need to delete the information already stored there. To do that, leave it plugged in and remove the screw plate from the back. You can then find the MySpool CLEAR hole location as illustrated here:

CLEAR Use a toothpick while your device is plugged in, for about 2 seconds. You should see a faint blue light behind the back white cover plate.

Unplug the the Gas Alert from the power outlet. After 10 seconds plug it back in. You should again see a steady blue light behind the back white cover plate indicating that the device is ready to be configured with a new WiFi network.

Your device has now been cleared and can be unplugged and moved to another location or re-configured to use another WiFi network