How to ask Alexa for Temperature?

Alexa skill is available in beta which means we are still working on it. You  are free to try it. However, we are not able to provide support for it at this time.

Please look for MySpool skill in Alexa and enable it.  Then add your device to Alexa. To do that say 'Alexa, open my spool devices', then say 'add device XXXXXX'   where XXXXXX is your device ID.  To find your device ID, login to your account on myspool.com and click on MY DEVICES.  You should then see something like this: 

How do I change thresholds for my Temperature sensor?

High and Low Temperature Thresholds can be changed when you you login to myspool, click on MY DEVICES, and then click on MySpool Temperature Sensor. You can then select your temperature units, Celsius or Fahrenheit, and set Low and High thresholds.  The thresholds set to -100 are ignored.  When your changes have been entered and you clicked Save, they are saved in the cloud for your sensor.  To make your sensor aware of these changes, unplug your device and plug it back in.  Otherwise those changes will be transmitted to your device when it checks in, usually once a day.