Power Failure Detector with Ambient Air Temperature and Humidity Sensors



Enjoy all the benefits of the Power Failure Detector with 2 added sensors:  ambient air Temperature and Humidity.  Visual and audio status indicators have also been added. Now with one device you can monitor power outages, temperature and humidity fluctuations as well as see the chart of temperature and humidity measurements for the past 24 hours. The added sensors can be placed in a refrigerator, freezer, a data cabinet or hard to reach places.



The high-quality air temperature and humidity sensors can be operated in two modes.  One  mode sends alerts when temperature or humidity goes above or below your thresholds. And the second mode allows you to send data to a ThingSpeak channel for display and analysis. See here for directions on how to setup this free data channel.

 A special feature of this product is that the two sensors are connected to the communications module by a 2 foot thin cable. That allows the user to place the sensors in a refrigerator or in a data cabinet, for example. By leaving the communications module outside, a good connection with WiFi can be ensured.  

P2 Power Failure Multi-sensor comes with an extra long flat 6 ft power cord. Its high quality  temperature sensor has a temperature range from -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F), with accuracy of 0.5°C over recommended range of -10°C to +85°C. All readings outside this range are ignored: -30°C to +105°C or -22°F to +221°F


Note: Power ON and OFF alerts can be sent as a text message, email, pushbullet or any combination of the three. Temperature and Humidity alerts are sent only as email or pushbullet notifications. However, you can convert one or more of the email notifications into text messages, see here for instructions.


BASE Power Failure Alert: 

  • Be alerted when power goes out: MySpool Power Failure Alert uses Wi-Fi to send text messages, email or push alerts when power goes off or comes back on
  • Name each device and send notifications to identify the power outlet or location affected
  • Each MySpool Power Failure Alert is independent; no hub is required
  • WiFi access during power outage is required, please check before ordering
  • No fees or subscription costs


P2 Added features
P2 Power Failure Multi-sensor is equipped with both visual and audio indicators:  Red, Blue and Green LEDS are used to indicate Alarm, Communications, and Running conditions respectively.  An audio tone will sound to indicate an alarm condition for all alarms except for Power OFF to conserve internal batteries. 


Be alerted away from home or business 
MySpool Power Failure Alert is a smart device that sends an alert when power failure is detected.  An alert is also sent when power comes back on. That alert is a message, either via email or text, or both.  Power Failure Alert is configured to use your WiFi (see Important Note below). The setup takes a few minutes with a smart phone or a laptop.


No Hub Required 
Each Power Failure Alert works independently with your Wi-Fi network. Multiple devices can be placed in different locations throughout your home or business. Your notifications will include your text for each device that you specify in the device configuration.


No Fees 
There are no fees for using MySpool Power Failure Alert for any notifications. Power Failure Alert purchased on MySpool.com comes with support for 1 telephone number and up to 5 email addresses for alert notifications. To add more telephone numbers without fees, see these directions.


Flexible design 
MySpool Power Failure Alert comes with an extra long 6 foot power cord connected to an enclosure with a transmitter. Power Failure Alert will ignore short duration power fluctuations of less than 2 seconds so that no unnecessary notifications are sent. Note that since no device is permitted to send more than 1 alert per minute, your POWER ON notification may be delayed by up to 1 minute if power comes back on immediately. Each device requires 3 AAA batteries, included. The batteries should last 5 years or more assuming average power outages and fluctuations.


Important Note: one requirement for the Power Failure Alert deployment is that a WiFi network is available when A/C power outlet being monitored loses power. A good example is a UPS backed WiFi router which Power Failure Alert uses to access MySpool cloud servers.