How to move GAS Alert to another location or WiFi network?

How to delete and change the WiFi of your Gas Alert?

If you need to move the Gas Alert to another location or simply need to re-configure it to use another WiFi network, you need to delete the information already stored there. To do that, leave it plugged in and remove the screw plate from the back. You can then find the MySpool CLEAR hole location as illustrated here:

CLEAR Use a toothpick while your device is plugged in, for about 2 seconds. You should see a faint blue light behind the back white cover plate.

Unplug the the Gas Alert from the power outlet. After 10 seconds plug it back in. You should again see a steady blue light behind the back white cover plate indicating that the device is ready to be configured with a new WiFi network.

Your device has now been cleared and can be unplugged and moved to another location or re-configured to use another WiFi network