Non-contact Liquid Sensor Released!

MySpool is proud to announce the release of a Non-contact Liquid Level alert which monitors the presence or absence of liquids to send alerts - using a sensor mounted outside the storage container.

This device works with non-metallic containers, such as plastic, glass, ceramics, and other containers. It can be configured to detect the presence or absence of liquids so it can be set up to send alerts when liquid levels rise or fall, depending on requirements. The sensor in this device can sense liquid, powder, or even your hand. It can sense level, flow, or powder quantity changes.  The number of applications for this device is limited only by your imagination. For more details and to order one see here.

MySpool Internet Outage Detector has been released as a standalone device! 

Internet Outage Detector

Get alerted when WiFi failures occur. This device will send you a text message when Internet outage happens as well as when your WiFi comes back online.

We have designed our Internet Outage Service to work with multiple devices. This is the first release of a standalone device fully dedicated to monitoring your WiFi connection. It supports native SMS messaging as well as email and email-to-SMS notifications.

Whether you are running a coffee shop with free wifi or simply have devices that rely on wifi at home, it helps to know when your internet service becomes unavailable. This device will do that for you.

For more information and to purchase one and take advantage of free shipping in the United States click here. 

Plugin Water Level Alert is now available!

Take advantage of available A/C power to receive water level change notifications: float sensor sends an alert when it rises or falls, depending on your requirements.  

This A/C powered edition is a complementary product to our battery powered water level detector. It continuously monitors water level changes and sends text and email alerts when high or low thresholds are exceeded.

Plugin Water Level Alert comes with a waterproof float sensor with a 5 ft wire and a mounting bracket for easy installation.

For more details and to order one see here.

Internet Outage Detection Service is now live!

We are pleased to announce that MySpool Internet Outage Detection Service is now in production!

It can be deployed with devices using faster and more powerful processors which allow MySpool devices to maintain a secure connection with our cloud services. This connection is monitored continuously and is used to send an Internet OFF alert in case of Internet Outage. When internet connectivity is restored, an Internet ON alert is sent. These alerts can be configured just like all other MySpool device alerts, with Text messages, multiple email recipients and available integrations.

Our first device available with Internet Outage Detection Service is the Temperature Alert with waterproof temperature sensor.

It sends alerts when temperature goes above or below your thresholds. And it can show a chart of the last 24 hours as well as send data to a ThingSpeak channel for display and analysis. For more details and to order one see here.

Battery and DC Monitor has been released!

Battery and DC monitor

This device monitors up to 3 independent DC sources simultaneously. Add smart notifications to send email and SMS alerts when voltage drops below your thresholds. MySpool voltage monitor is powered by 3 AA batteries which are not included.  It comes with a 5 ft car cigarette lighter cable. It also comes with a battery clip-on car cigarette lighter adapter. 

This device can be used as is with cars that provide continuous power to the cigarette lighter adapter. A battery clip-on car cigarette lighter adapter is included for direct connection to the battery if desired. For more information and to purchase one and take advantage of free shipping in the United States click here.

An industrial strength Alert Button is here!

An industrial strength Alert Button in now available. It uses an E-STOP button to send a custom alert via email or text to multiple recipients.

This button's mechanics ensure that a single alert is sent every time a big red button is pushed down. It requires a twist of that button to reset it for the next alert to be sent.

3 AAA batteries, included, are good for over 500 alerts. Every message contains battery charge information to ensure timely battery replacement.

To purchase one and take advantage of free shipping in the United States click here.

Water Alert with text message and email notifications

WaterWATER Alert is a smart device that sends out an alert when water is detected by its sensor. That alert is a message, either via email or text, or both. Optionally, this device can also send you pushbullet notifications. Alerts are repeated every 5 minutes until the sensor is dry. Water Alert is configured to use your WiFi. The setup takes a few minutes with a smart phone or a laptop.