This is a Float Switch sensor for DIY products. It can also be used in  MySpool Water Alert editions when plugged into the Water Sensor blue circuit board. This Float Switch comes with a 3 ft Wire with JST connector which is mated with the white 2 pin DIY JST connector. 
To deploy, mount it vertically with wires facing up. When the float rises to the black o-ring, it completes the connection and causes DIY boards and Water Alert devices to send an alert. 
Contents: 1 Float Switch sensor for MySpool devices. Wire length: 36 inches 


This is a rugged replacement sensor for all MySpool Water Alert editions. Rugged Sensor comes with a 5 ft Wire which is rigidly connected to the nickel-plated sensor pad.
Contents: 1 rugged sensor for MySpool devices. Wire length: 36 inches


Contents: Replacement Sensor for External Mailbox Alert Wire length: 36 inches  


Contents: Replacement Sensor for Internal Mailbox Alert Wire length: 4 inches


Contents: replacement sensors for WATER Alert. Package of 2. Wire length: 27 inches


This is a waterproof Temperature sensor for MySpool Water and Temperature Alert. It can also be used in the Multi-Sensor DIY board. This sensor comes with a 3 ft Wire with a 3 pin male connector.
Contents: 1 temperature sensor for MySpool devices. Wire length: 36 inches