Water Detector with text message and email notifications, battery powered with a float sensor


Battery Powered (BP) Edition:  enjoy all the benefits of the Rugged MySpool Water Alert that runs on batteries and uses a float sensor.


3 AAA batteries and smart circuitry inside ensure long-lasting operation: float switch activates the device when it rises up to the black o-ring marker and transmits an alert to our cloud servers. That alert then gets sent as a text message, email, or a push notification - and the device gets turned off. Batteries last for years if there are no alerts, they are limited by their shelf life only since MySpool Water Alert does not require any current in stand-by mode.

The enclosure of the BP Water Alert will support 250 lbs. You can step on it in the dark and not worry about destroying it. It has mounting holes for screws so it can be mounted up to 3 feet away from the float switch.  


BP Water Alert comes with a waterproof float sensor with a 3 ft wire.