Water Alert, Commercial Node

  • Add-on to Water Alert Commercial set, does not function in standalone mode 
  • Water Alert Nodes require a MySpool Hub  to communicate with cloud services
  • Wireless alert at over 1200 feet, through walls and other objects which interfere with WiFi communications
  • Email and text message notification when water is detected

    This Water Alert Node can be added to Water Alert Commercial set. Up to 64 Nodes can be added to the set. The Node and the Hub communicate over the air. The Hub requires WiFi to send alerts to MySpool cloud servers. This combination greatly increases the range of the standard MySpool Water Alert which uses WiFi and does not require a MySpool Hub. Our tests have shown reliable alerts sent at 300 feet by a standard MySpool Water Alert and at over 1200 feet by Water Alert Nodes.  Water Alert Nodes can be placed in locations without WiFi access and still reliably communicate with MySpool Hub.