Mailbox Alert, Extended Range Set

  • Wireless alert at over 1200 feet; WiFi required for the HUB
  • Email and text message notification when you get mail
  • Easy installation and configuration: you choose when the alert is active
  • Uses 3 AAA batteries, included

    Turn your mailbox into a SmartMailbox: get a text message and an email when your mailbox door is opened. Save a trip to check your mail in bad weather. Requires WiFi within 200 ft of the HUB. Installation required.

    This set includes a Mailbox Alert Node and a MySpool HUB. The Node and the HUB communicate over the air. The HUB requires WiFi to send alerts to MySpool cloud servers. This combination greatly increases the range of the standard MySpool Mailbox Alert which uses WiFi and does not require a MySpool HUB. Our tests have shown reliable alerts sent at 400 feet by a standard MySpool  Mailbox Alert and at 1600 feet by the Mailbox Alert Extended Range Set, both at line of sight.