How to move the CALLME button to another location?

 If you need to move the CALLME button to another location or simply need to re-configure it to use another WiFi router, there are two approaches. The simplest one is if you have an already configured and connected CALLME button. In this case, you can prepare it for the move using change configuration: click on the  Move Device checkbox which will instruct the button to clear its WiFi configuration the next time it is pressed.  

If your button is not connected or misconfigured, you will need to open it up first. Remove the four small screws from the base using a small phillips screwdriver. You will see the processor chip and a few switches. One is the main button switch marked with the black arrow. And the other is the CLEAR switch marked with the white arrow.



You will need to press both of them at the same time. When the button clears its configuration, a small blue led will light up on the processor board. It indicates that the CALLME button is now ready to be configured, just like it was when you first received it.  You can now  put the cover back on, fasten it with the four screws previously removed, and move the button to the new location. Once there, please follow the configuration steps to specify its new WiFi as you have done before.  As a reminder, the procedure is described here.