How to configure and install the MAILBOX Alert, Internal mount?


You are holding the Internal MAILBOX Alert in your hands. How do you configure it and install it?

Please CONFIGURE your MAILBOX Alert before you install it. You will need access to internet and your WiFi router's ID and password. Once it has been configured, you can take your MAILBOX Alert outside and INSTALL it.

How to configure MAILBOX Alert

Your new MAILBOX Alert needs to connect to the internet to send its notifications. They will then be forwarded as emails and as text messages to your phone. In order to do that it needs to know which WiFi network to use for communications. Before that, your MAILBOX Alert must be configured with an email and phone number to send notifications. 

Be aware that the sensor in some of the Internal Mailbox Alerts is located inside the enclosure. In that case it is marked with a white strip. The second part of the sensor, the magnet, has a matching white strip. The two white strips should be almost touching when the mailbox door is closed. Later versions of the Internal Mailbox Alert have the sensor located outside the box and no white tape is required to aid in sensor/magnet alignment. That is the only difference between the two versions.

The MAILBOX Alert is shipped with batteries installed and the sensor parts attached. When the sensor parts are separated, the device inside is turned on. If it has been configured already to use your WiFi, it will send an alert and turn itself off.  If the MAILBOX Alert has not been configured yet, it will enter into a configuration mode so that you can setup your WiFi. In configuration mode the MAILBOX Alert will shut itself off after 5 minutes to save batteries. If you haven't completed your configuration, re-attach the sensor parts for a second. You can then separate them again which will turn the device back on.

Please note: we recommend that configuration steps are completed in this order. Note also that some pages on this site are only available to registered owners.

1. Create your account. Be aware that your account is not created until you have received an email from us and confirmed it by clicking on the provided link. Do not proceed to next step until you have received that email and confirmed your account. Your account is usually setup in a few minutes once your Invitation Code is validated. The code can be found on the card included in the package. Please contact us if you are unable to locate it.

2. Determine your device ID.  Write it down for use in next step.

3. Register your MAILBOX Alert as your device. Use device ID from step 2. 

4. Configure your MAILBOX Alert to send you notifications via email, text message, or both.

5. Setup your MAILBOX Alert to use your WiFi. This procedure is described here

You can  change your device settings at any time.  When steps 1-5 have been completed, you can install your Mailbox Alert:


How to install the Internal MAILBOX Alert

Place the Internal MAILBOX Alert inside the mailbox and attach the magnet to the mailbox door.  Align white strips on the magnet with those on Mailbox Alert and position them so that they are close to each other when the door is closed. We recommend using a masking or a scotch tape to hold both the Mailbox Alert and the magnet in place temporarily.  Both may need to be moved up, down or forward to align them better.

Tape the magnet to the door first. Then tape the Mailbox Alert to the side of the mailbox with tape, with the white strip facing out toward the magnet. Align the two white strips, the one on the magnet with the one on the Mailbox Alert. The magnet can be rotated if needed, as long as the two white strips are parallel. And the Mailbox Alert may need to be moved up, down or forward to line it up with the door magnet as closely as possible to maximize battery life and improve performance.

Mailbox alert installation


To test, close the mailbox door and wait for 4 minutes for the MAILBOX Alert to reset and enter battery-saving mode. Then open the lid for a few seconds and close it. An email and a text message will be sent to your phone in less than a minute.

Open the lid again to test your MAILBOX Alert.  Please remember that the portal limits the number of text messages sent to one every 5 minutes, so you may need to wait for 5 minutes to get a second text message. Your e-mail messages have no such restrictions and will be sent with every alert received.

When done testing attach both the Mailbox Alert and the magnet permanently with the sticky tape.