Become a dealer of Myspool devices

We are not just the leader in this field, we have the ONLY device on the market that turns your mailbox into a Smart Mailbox! And we invite you to become part of our success story. You choose how you want to get involved: you can become a  reseller and offer our products to your customers, or you can offer them full service including installation and support.

For example, for someone who can spend a few minutes on the computer and print a few flyers to be stuffed in a mailbox, we would recommend starting with one or two street blocks or a development.  Offer to bring a Mailbox Alert, configure it and install it in your neighbor's box. You may want to throw in some training: working with our portal. Or add a month of free visits if things go wrong. Announce a special package good for the next two weeks, when package price is discounted. This is your chance to get creative.

We will provide support to our dealers with special levels of service. That includes
- significant quantity discounts
- unlimited telephone support
- 90 days full product replacement
- controlled access pages designed to help you with installing and troubleshooting multiple devices

This offer is not limited to Mailbox Alert devices but is extended to include ALL devices produced by

To become a dealer, purchase and install at least 3 devices.  Then send us email at stating that you would like to become our dealer and provide ids for the 3 installed devices along with your phone number. We will contact you with further details.