Frequently Asked Questions - General Issues

You need to know your Device ID to register it. How do you determine it? [ Short answer for a brand new device:  activate it. Open WiFi settings on your phone. Your device id is the nnnnn number of the SASensor-nnnnn network. ]

To detemine your device id, it needs to be placed in configuration mode. A brand new device will enter this mode when Activated

Activation of MySpool Devices

Device ID

  • CALLME Button: Press the button for 2 seconds. The faint blue light serves as an indicator that the button is in a configuration mode.
  • GAS Alert: Plug it in. The faint blue light visible when the screw mounting plate has been removed serves as an indicator that the sensor is in a configuration mode.
  • MAILBOX Alert: Separate the sensor parts for 2 seconds. The magnet part must be at least an inch away from the switch part - that's the one with the wires connected to screws if your model is an externally mounted one. The Internal Mailbox Alert has it's switch attached to the case with wires going inside.
  • WATER Alert: Plug it in. The faint blue light visible through a slit in the box serves as an indicator that the sensor is in a configuration mode.


After your device has been activated, read it's Device ID:

Open your phone, go to Settings, and choose Wi-Fi.  Under the CHOOSE A NETWORK tab you will see available networks. One of them will be your MySpool Device. It will look like SASensor-000000 where "000000" is the unique Device ID. In the example on the right it is shown as SASensor-2336877.    The Device ID is 2336877.


What is pushbullet and how do I set it up on my device?

Pushbullet is a third-party platform. Please be aware that we do not provide support for it.  If you want to setup pushbullet on your laptop, pc, or your phone, we will attempt to forward your event to pushbullet. Having said that, we think it is a great resource for push notifications and we make it available to use alongside email and SMS notifications. It is easy enough to configure and see if you find it useful.

To setup pushbullet notifications:

  1. Login to your pushbullet account
  2. Go to Settings to get your Access Token :
  3. If there is no Access Token visible, click on Create Access Token
  4. You will see 

Pushbullet Token

        5. Copy your Access Token and paste it into your device configuration.  Save it. You can now trigger your device and test your pushbullet notifications.

    Please note that Myspool limits the number of pushbullet notifications sent to one every 5 minutes. So you may need to wait for 5 minutes to get a second notification.