How to move the MAILBOX Alert to another location?

If you need to move the MAILBOX Alert to another location or simply need to re-configure it to use another WiFi router, there are two approaches. The simplest one is if you have an already configured and connected MAILBOX Alert. In this case, you can prepare it for the move using change configuration: click on the  Move Device checkbox which will instruct the device to clear its WiFi configuration the next time it is pressed.  Then open and close your mailbox.  

To make sure that the MAILBOX Alert is ready to be re-configured, proceed to Step 2 of How to configure mailbox alert to use your wifi to verify that SASensor-XXXXXXX is among the wireless networks available.

CAUTION: Do not save your configuration until you are sure that this is the WiFi router that you intend to use.

If you are unable to use the portal, then use a Phillips screwdriver and remove the four screws holding the weatherproof MAILBOX Alert box together. Inside, on a small circuit assembly, you will see a pushbutton labeled Clear. This button needs to be depressed when the Alert activates to wipe WiFi configuration.  Make sure the door sensor parts are attached and there is no blue light on the circuit inside. If the blue light is on, wait for 5 minutes for the circuit to shut itself  off.

Press and hold the Clear button and separate the door sensor parts. If you see a blue led light up, you are ready to reconfigure the MAILBOX Alert when you get to your new location. Otherwise attach door sensor parts together (or close the mailbox door) and try again.